20kW Portable Solar Power Generator(20KW-PSPG-MKII)
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Go green! Get the most out of the Sun and save the money on diesel and save the planet earth.'

Our Portable Solar Power Generator MKII will bring you electricity in a container module. It has power comparable of diesel generator. The PSPG MKII give new possiblities to utilise PV panels. Solar power is of course available everywhere. Our solution is able to utilise it in any location. You don't need a team of expert technicians to prepare our PSPG MKII. Only one trained person can do it in less than 30 minutes.

Solar Tracking

Hydraulic Actuated System 

17.5kWp Power System

The PSPG is equipped with 2 axis sun tracking artificial intelligence and sensor which will constantly align with the sun. It allows the entire system operates for prolonged periods of sun-up time which will maximize the output power of the system. The PSPG is fully actuated by hydraulic system which allows it to deploy on field as simple as pressing on-off button.

It allows the deployment of PSPG without crane support.
The PSPG frame can accommodate up to 37 solar panels of 455Wp & 500Wp monocrystalline modules. Maximum charging power of 17.5kWp and the support frame design enables for easy replacement and upgrade of PVs in the future.


Disaster Relief Camp

Remote Telco Tower

Construction Site & CLQ

Outdoor Event


Remote Housing Area


Solar PV System
Total PV Panel 37
PV Panel Type 21 x 455Wp Monocrystallite PV Module
16 x 500Wp Monocrystallite PV Module
Total Power (kWp) 17.55
Maximum Power Voltage (Vmp) Node 1: 312
Node 2: 287
Maximum Power Current (Imp) Node1: 25.64
Node2: 33.24
Battery Bank System 
Total Battery Number 36
Battery Type 12 V @ 250AH AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat)
Total Battery Power (kWH) 108
Battery Voltage (V) 72
Battery Output Current (AH) 1500
Inverter System (Three Phase)
Type Off Grid Inverter with Monitoring System
System Power 20KW
System Voltage (Three Phase, V) 415
Phase Current (A) 27
Actuator System & Intelligent System
Solar PV Deployment Hydraulic Powered
Solar Tracking AC Electrical Powered
Solar Tracking Type Timer, Compass and Sunlight Tracking
Dimension & Weight
Overall Length (mm) 6905
Transportation Length (mm) 6096
Transportation Width (mm) 3082
Transportation Height (mm) 3475
Deployment Area Requirement (m2) 118
Deployment Length (mm) 14800
Deployment Width (mm) 7924
Weight (kg) 8000

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